Custom packaging design. Good design minimizes material use; less plastic, less waste, less cost to you!

Quality packaging begins with proper design. We listen to your expectations and incorporate your concepts with our experience to create custom designed packaging that ensures product security, integrity and marketability. We offer step by step guidance on the best way to protect and display your product, with your approval every step of the way.

We begin with an assessment of your product and all of the requirements to get your product into your customer’s hands, in tact. We will look at who you are selling to, where it is sold, how it will get there and review the best visual way for the customer to choose your product over the competition, while keeping the costs under control.

We offer full service design, prototyping and tooling to bring the complete package to market. Our engineering department runs the latest versions MasterCam CNC software along side current Haas CNC equipment to assure accuracy from start to finish.

custom design packaging